Managing What You Measure

All Buildings over 25,000 sq.ft must benchmark their energy and water usage.

Let Us Benchmark Your Properties

AMERICAN UTILITY CONSULTANTS has performed over tens of thousands of utility bill audits and has the expertise to help you comply with Energy and Water Benchmarking regulations.

AMERICAN has been auditing its clients’ utility bills since 1990 and is thoroughly familiar with the billing practices of Con Edison, Keyspan and National Grid.

AMERICAN will obtain and enter into the EPA’s online Portfolio Manager the fixed information about your building, such as its address, size, and space usage characteristics (retail stores, professional offices, etc.)

AMERICAN will obtain aggregated (common area and all tenants) electric, steam and gas usage history from Con Ed, Keyspan and National Grid, and fuel oil deliveries from you or the oil companies.

AMERICAN will compile and enter the monthly usage of all utilities into Portfolio Manager and generate the required report.

AMERICAN will submit the report to NYC DOF and confirm its acceptance.

For More Information:
NYC GBEE - Greener, Greater Buildings Plan
Non-Residential Tenant Information Collection Form

What Is Energy & Water Benchmarking?

♦ Owners of buildings over 25,000 square feet must annually submit an energy and water benchmarking report to NYC DOF.

♦ Report must include the building’s space usage characteristics and the prior year's monthly electric, gas, steam, oil and water usage.

♦ Usage of all tenants, as well as common areas, must be included.

♦ Data must be entered into the EPA's online Portfolio Manager.

♦ NYC DOF will publicly post each property’s report summary.

♦ Annual deadline to comply is May 1st.  The penalty for late filing is $500 per quarter.


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